Ignorance and Confidence – An Amazing Match

Ignorance of the law is no excuse, but ignorance of challenge, difficulty or fear can be a powerful ally on the road to success. Marry the ignorance of a challenge with the confidence you can achieve the goal and rarely will success be out of reach. If you are in doubt, I am living proof many times over that this adage holds valuable truth. Click to Tweet the image below and share what your success achieved through ignorance and confidence.

Do Something Amazing

Growing your business can be scary, but it is rare anything truly amazing happens by maintaining the status quo. Pushing ourselves can be difficult, but the rewards are worth the effort. Click to Tweet the image below and share your story of making amazing things happen!

Facing Your Fear

Everyone has fears, but how we address them is really what makes the difference. Growth never happens when we continue to do what we have always done and function in our comfort zone. By facing our fears we learn that we have more ability, knowledge, strength, and other skills than we first believed. Click to Tweet the image below and share your win from facing your fears.

Courage to Continue

It is so easy to want to rest on our laurels when we have a win, but a win is only for the moment. And a failure often feels like it has been stamped on our forehead to be worn for eternity; but it, too, is only temporary. What truly matters is the ability to continue to move forward, because life, good or bad, never stands still. Click to Tweet the image below and share when having the courage to continue made a difference.

Growth Comes from Learning

Growth is always a result of moving out of your comfort zone and learning something new or trying something different. The first step is willingness to accept the new knowledge that is shared, even when it is difficult to hear. Hard lessons are often create the most growth. Click to Tweet the image below and share what you’ve been taught.