A Simple Way Forward in 2017

A Simple Way Forward in 2017

As I began 2017 I reconsidered all of my “start of the new year behaviors” and decided that “simpler is betterer.” (I know it isn’t a word, but it catches your attention)!

Resolutions are OUT, Goals too COMPLICATED

New Year’s resolutions have become passe. Most resolutions are “broken” by mid-month anyway, so why even pretend you are going to set one?

Although I am still a fan of goals, they are not actually simple. As something to give us longer-term, specific or big results, goals are awesome. But to help us make the consistent, sometimes small steps forward, they just are not as useful.

So the question I asked myself this year was: In addition to setting goals, what can I do that will help me stay focused on moving forward, but be so simple I won’t have to struggle with integrating it into my daily life and routine?


One Word

Several years ago my friend and former business partner Kellie shared with me that she picks a word for the year as her focus. She then adds a custom charm (pendant) to her always worn necklace (you can get some ideas here). I liked the concept but didn’t act on it then.

Fast forward to just a few weeks ago and I was introduced to One Word That Will Change Your Life by Jon Gordon, Jimmy Page, and Dan Britton. It is a quick read (or listen) and can help you discover a single word focus for the upcoming year. So I engaged in the process.

Three Words

At around the same time, Chris Brogan wrote about his process of identifying three words for the year. He finds that three words provides a bit more robust focus without over complicating the process. He is adamant that they just be three individual words, not a phrase.

Chris’s process is somewhat different than the One Word process outlined in the book, but I definitely see how it would provide insight and value. Particularly depending upon how your own mental, emotional, and spiritual processes work. Three has always been a favorite number of mine (possibly because I was born on the third).

Four Words

Chris says four words didn’t work for him, but I loved the Four-Word Poem concept I learned last spring from Marlon Hall. It really is more like a mantra, a catch-phrase, or possibly a purpose, but ultimately has some of the same objectives of simplifying focus to ensure forward direction.

As a “logic” person, I like structure, so the simple structure appeals to me. However, it does feel different than either of the two approaches above.

My Answer for Me

I have decided to try all three options out to see what makes the most impact and which, if any, seems to “stick.”

  • One Word: Results – I am often busy, but busy isn’t the same as effective and there are many areas in my life that could use some tangible results.
  • Three Words: Results, Simplify, Relax – To get results I am going to need to simplify in lots of areas (I have too much going on in too many different facets of my life). But I also need to remember and re-focus on relaxing. Not just “not working” but truly engaging in activities specifically for relaxation.
  • Four Words: Inspiring Ideas for Success – This applies not only to myself but also how I interact with others in all the many areas in which I am currently engaged.

Which option appeals to you? One, three, or four words? Or do you have a different option? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

How do you spend your time?

Your business strategy might be similar to mine, or completely different. What it comes down to is, how do you spend the time that you have to work on your business? Where is your focus? Your strategy should be to focus on your highest goals, and put all your effort into working toward those goals.

How are you spending YOUR time?

How Plans and Poems Are the Same and Why You Need Both

How Plans and Poems Are the Same and Why You Need Both

In the past few weeks, there have been many changes at GwenBortner.com — none of which are visible in any tangible way. This is because all of the changes have occurred in my mind.

This is the trick of any change. The initial change is small, possibly minute, often so subtle that nobody actually notices. But tiny difference continues to grow, expand and eventually become obvious. That is what has been happening with me: tiny changes have been occurring over the past days, weeks and months. I now feel them starting to grow. Hopefully soon you will notice the difference too.


Get Ready to Hire Your First VA

Get Ready to Hire Your First VA

Today my own virtual assistant, Jess, is taking over the blog to offer her insights on hiring your first VA. Jess and I have been working together for a few years now, and she also works for a variety of other small business owners.

Today she’s here to offer her professional advice if you feel like you might be ready to start looking for the newest member of your team.


The 5 Signs It Is Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant

The 5 Signs It Is Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant

One of the greatest “inventions” that came along with the internet revolution was the creations of the Virtual Assistant (VA). Even so, many business owners don’t take advantage of this resource because they don’t think they are ready.

I used to run a very large department and I had a personal assistant while I held that position, so I know first-hand the value of an assistant. As such, when I met my VA when she was first starting her business, I was happy to give it a go. What I never expected was how much value the right VA can provide even a very small business – they are not just for 6 or 7 figure entrepreneurs. What I have also realized is that many entrepreneurs don’t really know when the time is right to bring a VA onto their team.


Being on the Right Track Doesn’t Mean You Can Just Sit

Unless we take action (or continue to take action), the important ideas we want to share with the world remain just that – our ideas. Actions don’t have to big; a small action compounded daily will end up with a surprisingly significant result in less time than you might imagine. Click to Tweet the image and share what step you are taking to make sure you don’t get run over.