Your business doesn’t need slicker marketing.

When your business has hit a plateau after getting to the 6- or 7- figure mark, your problem is probably not your marketing. Your refreshed website, update branding, and new marketing campaign are not fixing your stagnant growth because your old marketing wasn’t your problem!

To find out what the real problem is, we need to look under the hood of your business.

Successful businesses that hit a wall are almost always suffering from undiagnosed operational issues.

I call them the GEARS of Business Operations. GEARS stands for:

Goods – Products and services you sell
Effectiveness – Personal and team productivity, business leadership
Accountability – Prioritizing what is important and taking consistent action to reach goals
Resources – People, money, equipment, technology, and similar
Systems – Processes, routines, and reporting

Luckily the problems are fixable! You just need to know where jam is first.

Sign up below and download your copy of the GEARS Assessment. In just a few minutes you will identify which GEARS need to be addressed in your business and how to prioritize your efforts for maximum benefit. Optimize your GEARS and you will be unstuck and moving forward before you know it!

Time to get your business back on the road!

Gwen Bortner is a Virtual Fractional COO, Consultant, and Speaker.

Gwen helps stuck entrepreneurs get unstuck. And in the process reenergize you, curate solutions, and become your business confidant.

In a world where being a specialist is often considered the “best choice”, Gwen is an exceptional generalist.

She has a diverse set of experiences and a wide range of knowledge to draw from. She formulates innovative solutions, presents new ideas, and creates transformational environments.

In a few short months, Gwen has helped me bring in a world class marketing team, redesign my business model to generate consistent revenue, and put me in my zone of genius. I can now focus on leading my business and living my business priorities, to have fun, have it be easy, have it be lucrative and make a huge impact on the members of the community and the clients I’m here to serve. With Gwen’s support, I feel like we are amazingly on the way to making all that happen.

–Elena F. Deutsch, MPH