Your financial picture can be radically different six months from now.

What would change if you could…

  • Bring your inventory costs down.
  • Receive a consistent take-home pay.
  • Get crystal clear on your long-term profitability.
  • Go into the holiday season with momentum.
  • Start 2022 with a bang.

That doesn’t have to be for “someday…”


Set your business up to put money in YOUR pocket.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business. While profit is the siren’s song.

In retail that’s especially true. It’s easy to feel frustrated, like you’ll be reinvesting in this business forever.

But you don’t have to keep reinvesting all your profits in inventory for 5, 10, or 15 years before you can take an owner’s draw or salary from your business. Set your business up for financial success with this six-month live group coaching program designed specifically for craft retailers.

In this program, you’ll learn to:

  • confidently navigate managing inventory effectively,
  • create a concrete plan to reduce your debts,
  • and consistently put money into your own pocket from your business.

Gwen Bortner is a Virtual Fractional COO, Consultant, Speaker, Certified Profit First Professional, and Knitter!

Gwen helps stuck entrepreneurs get unstuck. With a passion for teaching, her superpower is delivering high-quality, actionable information that’s easy to understand and practical to apply.

In a world where being a specialist is often considered the “best choice”, Gwen is an exceptional generalist.

She has 20 years of experience working in the knitting and yarn world, plus a diverse set of experiences and a wide range of knowledge to draw on from outside industries. She formulates innovative solutions, presents new ideas, and creates transformational environments.

With multiple paths to increasing profits, reducing debt, and reining in expenses – even for craft-focused brick & mortar businesses – it is never a one-size-fits-all answer.

“I came to Gwen because, I felt I needed clarity about the next move in my business. …I thought I had to offer more stuff, and fill up my online store with all kinds of new gadgets. That made me worry that I’d invest in stock, then be stuck with it and lose money in the end. But Gwen helped me get clear and realize that I didn’t need to do that.”

–Beth Brown-Reinsel

Time to Put Profits First

Developed by Mike Michalowicz, Profit First is a system that flips traditional accounting methodology by putting profits first and foremost. So that you always end up with your business profits in your pocket.

A brick and mortar business doesn’t have to be a money pit or financial drain. It has the potential to be quite profitable – when you have the right financial foundations in place.

Join Gwen Bortner and an intimate group of fellow retailers in this live group coaching where you’ll tackle the unique financial challenges of running a craft-focused retail business.

My goals were to move my business to the next level, manage employees more effectively, and grow personally as a shop owner. We identified key areas for improvement, including working through an organizational chart to see how everything fits together. I’ve found myself calmer, more patient with customers, delegating more responsibility to my employees, and more easily able to tackle problems as they arise.

–Susan Post

Learn what to implement and implement what you learn.

This program is designed to get you implementing what you learn from day one. Over the course of six months you’ll get:

  • craft-focused retail-specific business training, though all topics are welcome, this program is specifically designed to help you in the areas of profitability, cash flow, inventory management, and general operations,
  • eight 90-minute live calls, including both live training and individualized questions and coaching within your small group,
  • a small group of other retail business owners to learn alongside,
  • 6-months of email accountability so you’ll be sure to implement what you’re learning,
  • unlimited email access to Gwen for the length of the program to get answers between live calls and keep your momentum going.

Plus you have the option to revisit recordings of the live calls between sessions. These time-limited recordings mean you can review points in the training, but you will get the most out of this program by attending live and implementing what you’re learning.

Take advantage of Beta pricing…

One Payment of


$500 while in Beta!

Or choose the monthly payment plan.


$100/month while in Beta!

Even a tiny self-employed fish in a small niche-industry pond deserves the best. With Gwen’s expert guidance, I have been able to reframe my haphazard mess of freelance jobs and contract work into a smartly aligned, sharply focused business, while effortlessly turning (and enjoying) my first-ever profit.

Sarah Peasley

Owner, Handknitter