Hastle-free? No-cost? Personalized Business Solution – is it possible?

It is possible. A rising tide lifts all boasts, so let’s get your boat seaworthy.

Successful businesses that hit a wall are almost always suffering from undiagnosed operational issues.

I call them the GEARS of Business Operations. GEARS stands for:

Goods – Products and services you sell
Effectiveness – Personal and team productivity, business leadership
Accountability – Prioritizing what is important and taking consistent action to reach goals
Resources – People, money, equipment, technology, and similar
Systems – Processes, routines, and reporting

Luckily the problems are fixable! You just need to know where jam is first.


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GEARS problems can be sneaky! Sometimes a goods problem is signaling an underlying systems problem. Or a systems problem has an accounting solution.

Join me for monthly solutions-oriented Got A Problem –– Problem Solved! (GAPPS for short) calls. Each month bring your questions and queries and collaboratively find solutions to your stickiest GEARS problems.

Gwen Bortner is a Virtual Fractional COO, Consultant, Speaker, and Certified Profit First Professional.

Gwen helps stuck entrepreneurs get unstuck. And in the process reenergize you, curate solutions, and become your business confidant.

In a world where being a specialist is often considered the “best choice”, Gwen is an exceptional generalist.

She has a diverse set of experiences and a wide range of knowledge to draw from. She formulates innovative solutions, presents new ideas, and creates transformational environments.

With multiple paths to increasing profits and reining in expenses – even with Profit First – it is never a one-size-fits-all answer.

The other thing I really value in Gwen is that she is not attached to a certain approach. Consultants that I’ve previously worked with have their program, and unfortunately it does not always fit with every single business owner’s business model. Gwen pulls from all of the knowledge that she has, taking a tool from here and perhaps some learning from there, to make it work in my specific niche market. 

If you’re looking to have a higher level of clarity, and you want to be able to channel your energy to what matters, I would highly recommend working with Gwen.”

–Deborah Bakti

I love working with Gwen. She has a ton of experience in different industries and positions – it’s obvious she’s bringing all of that information and experience to the conversation when we’re working on my business. She’s an excellent listener and focuses on the data about where my business is currently at. Combine all this together, and I think you can pretty much guarantee that Gwen will have at least one insight that will change how you work. And that alone is worth the call!”

–Stacey Trock

Drop-in problem solving every month.

Every 3rd Thursday of the month drop in to ask me all of your GEARS (and other!) business related questions. Here are all the details you need:

  • every 3rd Thursday (ex. 5/20/2021, 6/17/2021, 7/15/2021, etc.)
  • 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern.
  • 30-minutes long (I try to get to all the questions, so we may extend by 15 or 20 minutes if necessary).
  • hosted as a Zoom meeting.

While this is specifically geared towards solving problems with the GEARS of your business, I am happy to answer any questions I feel qualified to adress. And if I don’t feel qualified, I still might have a resource to refer you to!

Got a Problem? Problem Sovled!

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I can’t emphasize this enough. I’ve worked with a number of other coaches who just want to tell you what you should do but Gwen’s gift really was in her questions and the observations she made based on how I responded. From our conversation, the pieces and the language around my offer just fell into place. It was kind of magical!

I feel like I had a big breakthrough in just a short amount of time. I would absolutely recommend Gwen and would love to work with her again.

Julie Young

Leadership Development Consultant, In-Sight Leadership Solutions