3 Ways to Improve your Knowledge Retention

3 Ways to Improve your Knowledge Retention

Have you ever had that sensation that you know something, but you can’t quite access the information in your memory banks? We’ve all been there, and it can be super frustrating. If you’d like to improve the way you retain & recall information, keep reading for three useful tips.

Know yourself and which method works the best for you.

Look at your history and try to remember the times that were easiest for you to learn something new. Maybe you took a class and picked up the new technique right away, or you read a book and really understood the material without any additional help.

Take note of not only how you took in the information (was it a live class, a 1-on-1 conversation, or an independent study?), but the rest of the details as well, such as the time of day or the environment around you. Now, seek out new opportunities to learn in a similar environment and using a similar method.

Pro tip: It also depends on the type of knowledge you’re looking for – reading about how to ski is not going to be nearly as practical as actually getting on some skis, but if reading is how you learn best then you can still do some research ahead of time!

Apply the knowledge as soon as possible.

The sooner you make use of the knowledge you’ve gained, the more likely it is to “stick.” If you’ve learned a new technique or skill, go home and practice it after class. If you’ve read something interesting, write a blog post or journal entry about it. Even if it’s just a “fun fact,” you can apply it by finding opportunities to share it with two or three other people within a week!

Share it with others.

One of the best ways to become an expert at something is to teach it to others. Engage in discussion, teach someone else what you just learned, or tell your employees about what you’ve learned so they can help you apply it to your business. Find ways to share your knowledge and you’ll find it’s much easier to remember!

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Why Abundance Thinking Matters

Why Abundance Thinking Matters

I have spent this week experiencing abundance thinking: people generously sharing thoughts, ideas and knowledge in hopes of helping other people to achieve a similar level success.

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I have long been a believer in abundance, but have only recently put a name to it for myself. That said, abundance thinking is not new; however it is solely lacking in this world. And as someone asked me this week, my lens is thinking abundantly about knowledge.

This past week I was at one of the three main events for Dynamic Communicators International, The Launch Conference. And I am so excited about the information they shared, how they shared it, but most importantly their overriding philosophy of abundance that I have also signed up for their next two events, SCORRE and Platform.


Their willingness to share so generously is why I have become their newest fan. Are these events free? Nope. Are they inexpensive? Nope. If anything, they would fall on the “investment” side of the financial scale. But being generous with your knowledge doesn’t mean you should give it away for free. In fact, doing so will often result in that knowledge losing its power.

People value what they pay for, work for, or earn. But so many people won’t share their knowledge, experience, ideas, successes and failures for fear someone else will copy them … and then surpass them. But abundance thinking is different. With abundance thinking, another person’s success isn’t a threat, it is something to be celebrated. One of the best definitions I have ever heard was on a recent podcast by Michael Hyatt, so I won’t repeat it all here (go listen to it … now)!

The truth is, the more you give from abundance, the more you actually receive in return. The more I share my knowledge, the more I learn. The more I am willing to give of myself, the more others are willing to give to me. Truly – it is like magic. But ultimately, that is why abundance thinking matters.

[reminder]What do you want more of? Try sharing what you have of whatever you named, and I bet more will come your way in a very short period of time. Or better yet – share your story of abundance in the comments below. I would love to be inspired![/reminder]