Creativation 2020 – Student Perks

Thank you so much for joining me in one or more of the classes I taught at the Creativation show in Phoenix. Although I do my best to have thought of all the questions you might have in class, I also pride myself on being flexible to the needs of my students. As such, it makes much more sense to prep the resources page AFTER teaching so I know what we ultimately discussed (both planned and unplanned). I have grouped resources by their type as you are welcome to all the resource if you attended any of my classes.

In some cases a link might be an affiliate link. This does not change your cost in anyway, but may put a few pennies in my pocket. Please know, however, I only list/recommend resources I truly believe are valuable (not just because I have an affiliate link).

Recommended Books

Financial Worksheets

Planning a Retreat for Fun & Profit

In class we touched on all the basics of planning and running a retreat ensuring it’s both fun and profitable. My online class Planning a Retreat for Fun & Profit goes into much greater detail on all the topics we covered. This class dives into all the nitty gritty of: finding your right people, the right location, and the right time frame, sample forms, finances, and more. All in an easy to learn from digital format consisting of PDF workbooks, video lessons, and emails to keep you going and plan a retreat that runs smoothly for both you and your participants.

The reason to host a retreat is obvious – it provides your customers with a unique, in-depth, focused experience. But the “how to get started” can be overwhelming! This class will guide you everything you need to know

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Last but definitely not least, sign up for a “Thanks for being a student” party favor (a discounted 90 minute call with Gwen – normally $450) please use this link and the code STUDENTDISCOUNT for 20% off!

Thanks again for being the best part of my time at Creativation 2020!!